What was your involvement on this project?
I designed the dust jacket artwork of this book and delivered press files to the printer. I did not typeset the interior. 
What was most interesting part of this project?
The sculpt embossing etched into the scrollwork background. In addition to the standard embossing of the title and author's nameplate, and the spot varnish on front and back cover, a sculpted emboss was added to the front cover, giving the book a very rich feel.
What was most challenging about this project?
The 16-page color inset printed in the centerfold of the book. It was the image licensing — not the layout — which provided the challenge and new experience. Images were licensed through several different image libraries and a string of ancient coins that comprised the top header had to be separately licensed for the lifetime of the book. 
This introduction into photo licensing, however, proved to be just a foretaste of things to come. Within a few years, I would embark on a 4-volume series which included about 300 photos (about 50% of which had to be licensed, from as many as 30 different image libraries). The first two (of four) volumes is now complete and in print.
Above: Behind the Book Promotional Video Created by Zoe Life Creative Media © 2012

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