What was your involvement on this project?
I designed the front/back cover of this book. I did not typeset the interior. The final InDesign cover artwork was then handed off to Harrison House who handled publishing the book, conversion of title into ebook formats and uploading onto Amazon.
What was most interesting part of this project?
I absolutely loved the secret-garden-with-cathedral-door-entrance imagery. The ancient ivy laden walls invoke the imagination — begging the reader to discover what lies on the other side. This cover was actually a rejected discovery comp from a previous book title (same author). I was therefore delighted that it found its home with this title. However — truth be told — I liked this cover so much, that if the author had not used it on one of his titles, I likely would have written a book myself, just to see it in print!  :)
What was most challenging about this project?
The author originally wanted to include a subtitle. Being a pocket book size, there really wasn't adequate cover real estate to achieve this. I finally convinced the author that 'less is more' — let the imagery do the talking. In the end, we were both pleased with the results.

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