About this project:
How do you create an engaging cover on a topic like repentance? Is the mood a clarion call that Believer's refuse to yield to the ever increasing molding influence and constant chatter of worldly values? Is it more reflective, perhaps considering the hand of supernatural intervention — ready whenever we call for help? Or maybe it should remind readers of the benefits of a fresh start or the clarity of good judgement? 
This was the challenge of this cover. 
While any of the discovery comps below could make an effective cover, the cover design that was finally chosen delivered on a variety of fronts. It's bold — a call to separate from the darkness. But it's also thoughtful and reflective — whether one is experiencing the sorrow of wrong lifestyle decisions or renewed determination to embrace the uncharted waters of blind faith. The red, of course, reminds readers of Jesus' powerful sacrifice.
Because the cover will convey a variety of messages to different audiences — it's a cover that will resonate with a large number of readers.
Discovery Comps (pictured below)

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