What was your involvement on this project?
I designed the dust jacket artwork of this book and delivered press files to the printer. I did not typeset the interior. 
What was most interesting part of this project?
The embossing and spot varnish artwork. The title (front cover and spine) received an emboss when printed. I cut a spot varnish around the group featured on the front cover, the title (front cover and spine), author's name, and the bio photo on back cover. This title was later translated into Polish. It was gratifying to see my very first cover published in another language!
What was most challenging about this project?
This was my first book cover. I previously has no experience purchasing ISBN codes or working with printer templates and specs relating to books. In fact, I actually made the cover flaps marginally too wide* — but the printer worked with me to get them printed anyway. :)
* When printers use machinery to wrap the dust jacket around a book, if the side flaps are too long it can make the machinery not work properly.

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