What was your involvement on this project?
I designed the dust jacket artwork of this book and delivered press files to the printer. I did not typeset the interior. 
What was most interesting part of this project?
Designing around the concept of time. In the book, "time" is one of the dream thieves identified by the author. I have always loved imagery relating to time. Some of my favorite movies (and books) deal with time travel or follow a person over the course of their lifetime. I have a love affair with clocks! However, time is that one elusive element that I never seem to have quite enough of — hence my office plaque which stubbornly states: "There is time for Everything." So I could very much personally relate to "time" being a thief!
As always, I appreciated that the author wanted to incorporate embossing and a spot varnish finish into the design. On the front cover a floral pattern is superimposed in glossy varnish over the colorful background image. On the back cover, the dream circles (bokeh effect) were highlighted in a spot varnish.
Above: Behind the Book Promotional Video Created by Zoe Life Creative Media © 2012

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